....a pioneer in hydrophobic, oleophobic and superhydrophobic nano technology since 1984.

Cytonix has been an inventor and developer of key technologies since 1985, providing products for the life science, medical, aerospace, electronics and communication industries.

Cytonix hydrophobic and superhydrophobic (super-hydrophobic) conformal coatings protect sensitive military and consumer electronics (cell phones, cellphones, tablets, iPads) are fast drying ad require no making.

Innovations in hydrophobic, oleophobic and superhydrophobic materials protect digital electronics from the effects of moisture and fluids (emersion in water and solvents).

Innovative hydrophobic, oleophobic and superhydrophobic coatings improve the performance of clean, alternative energy systems (windmills and solar, photovoltaic arrays).

Superhydrophobic nano particle (nanoparticle) coating allows satellite dish to provide continued reception after heavy snow where signal would be lost from uncoated dish.

Extremely durable proprietary fluorosilanes (fluorosilane, FluoroSyl, FluoroSyl 3750, fluoro-silane) and fluoroacrylate (fluoroacrylate) provide a slick feel, lubricity, fingerprint, smudge and stain resistance.

Cytonix FluoroPel, Fluorothane, FluoroSyl, FluoroTac, FluorN and other fluorinated coatings, adhesives, surfactants and additives are non-toxic, contamination-free and provide precise fluid control in micro-fluidic (microfluidic) medical and analytical devices.

Durable superhydrophobic nano particle coatings prevent or reduce snow and ice from compromising commercial and military radar, microwave and sensor systems.

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Welcome, we have a wide range of hydrophobic, oleophobic and superhydrophobic coatings, additives, and printed products, and innovative new materials are being continually developed.  With over 30 years experience developing chemical and process solutions for OEM's and startups, we encourage you to contact our technical staff to assist you in finding the right product for your application.   We look forward to hearing from you at emailbox@cytonix.com.

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