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These coatings reduce ice adhesion during adverse weather conditions by retaining smooth, slippery and low surface tension properties long term. These coatings also reduce water film formation during freezing and heavy rain.

Rough and particles containing superhydrophobic surfaces effectively repel water but do not always repel ice. The problem is the mechanism of action of superhydrophobic coatings. Superhydrophobic coatings capture air within the surface creating high greater than 140° water contact angles. In humid and cold conditions, water droplets can form within the rough superhydrophobic coating by condensation. After condensation, water droplet nuclei create water-loving and ice-loving patches. Under certain high humidity cold conditions superhydrophobic surfaces become neither hydrophobic nor icephobic. The IceSlip coatings and additives provide a smooth, slippery and low surface tension surface that is ice repellent.
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IceSlip 14 IceSlip 14

IceSlip-14 is an additive for silicone, rubber, epoxy and polyurethane paints and coatings that reduces ice-adhesion, improves water-repellency and reduces surface-tension. When IceSlip-14 is added to solvent based paint, contact angle to water will increase with increasing amounts of IceSlip-14. Iceslip usage is recommended at 10% weight or volume of the paint or coating.

Our Price: $29.00
IceSlip 63 IceSlip 63

IceSlip-63 is non-stick clear coating infused with fluoropolymers and silicone. IceSlip reduces snow and ice buildup, frozen doors and clogging of augers/chutes. This is recommended for snow blowers, door gaskets, snow shovels, snow mobiles, snow plows and gutters. This snow and ice repellant also prevents snow from building up on satellite dishes. IceSlip is used by simply brushing or wiping onto the surface when clean (before rain, ice and snowfall). This formula is fortified with fluoropolymers to enhance snow, ice and rain repellency.

Our Price: $25.00
IceSlip 83Y IceSlip 83Y

IceSlip-83Y is an additive for solvent based epoxy and polyurethane paints that improves smoothness, slipperiness and surface tension. Smoothness, slipperiness and low surface tension reduces ice accumulation on painted surfaces. Iceslip is colorless and does not alter the color of the original paint. Iceslip usage is recommended at 10% weight or volume of the epoxy or polyurethane paint.

Our Price: $29.00