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Major Properties of Cytonix Water, Oil and Chemicals Repellent Conformal Coatings Include:
- Designed for moisture, corrosion and tin whisker protection of circuit boards
- Dries to films with excellent hydrophobic and oleophobic properties
- Dries at room temperature in minutes and reworkable, UV-curable and tough, or solvent based and very affordable.
- Polymers and solvents low in toxicity, non-ozone depleting and RoHS compliant
- Versions with a dye that fluoresces under UV light is available
- Provides better moisture repellency for the same film thickness compared to competing urethane, silicone and acrylic conformal coatings
- Contains no silicone and causes no contact failure of electric contact points
- Can be applied by dipping, brushing, damming, spraying, capillary or syringe dispensing

Our staff is available to assist you with selecting the best Cytonix product for your application. Please email (emailbox@cytonix.com) or call (301.470.6267) for assistance.

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FluoroPel 500 FluoroPel 500

FluoroPel 500 is a fluoroacrylic copolymer solution for coating membranes, PCBs, glass, plastic and metal surfaces. Thin films dry in a few minutes at room temperature and provide a surface with a contact angle to water of approximately 110°. On membranes, mesh and filters, FluoroPel does not occlude pores and helps achieve oleophobicity grades up to 8. Formulations with fluorescent tracers are also available. Please contact Cytonix for custom formulations with different solvents such as mineral spirits, butyl acetate, MEK, acetone or help with product selection.

Our Price: $49.00
FluoroPel 804 FluoroPel 804

FluoroPel is a fluoroacrylic conformal coating in a quick drying fluorosolvent (60-80°C). Formulations with UV-tracers are also available. Thin films (0.1 to 0.8 microns) dry in a few minutes at room temperature to a surface energy of about 10 dynes/cm. This thin film coating will provide a water contact angle over 110° and a mineral oil contact angle over 70°. Application methods for FluoroPel include dipping, brushing, wiping, spraying, etc. Please contact Cytonix for help with product selection, custom formulations or with any questions.

Video - using FluoroPel to make phone water resistant

Our Price: $49.00
MicroCure DTO 5-EGC MicroCure DTO 5-EGC

MicroCure DTO 5-EGC is a hydrophobic coating formulated for conformal coating applications. When cured, this coating is over 4H hard with excellent resistance to abrasion, moisture and UV-light. MicroCure is tough, slippery, hydrophobic and oleophobic making it resistant to most exposures and temperatures. MicroCure is applied by dipping or spraying. When well-cured, contact angles to water greater than 95° and roll-off angles of less than 25° can be achieved. The solvent in this version of MicroCure is Isopropyl Alcohol. A version in Butyl-Acetate with longer working time is available.

Our Price: $45.00
MicroCure UV72 MicroCure UV72

MicroCure UV72 is a hydrophobic, oleophobic fluoro-acrylate UV-curable oligomer with excellent resistance to solvents, oils, stains and abrasion. Substrates for UV72 include PCBs, plastic, metal, glass and ceramic. UV72 can be applied by dip, spray, jet, roll, draw or brushing. When smooth and well-cured, contact angles to mineral oil of greater than 65° and roll-off angles of less than 3° can be achieved. MicroCure UV72 is stain resistance. Magic marker stains beads up and is removed by an alcohol wipe.

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Our Price: $49.00