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LiquidGlass Marine LiquidGlass Marine

LiquidGlass Marine is a hydrophobic ceramic coating for boats, yachts and other marine applications. LiquidGlass has excellent resistance to solvents and UV-light. Cured LiquidGlass is high-gloss with a wet appearance and has a hardness level up to 9H. Substrates for LiquidGlass include painted surfaces, plastic, metal, chrome, glass and ceramic. LiquidGlass is usually applied by wipe-on techniques using microfiber suede cloths. When well-cured, contact angles to water greater than 95° and roll-off angles of less than 5° can be achieved. LiquidGlass is water, ice and oil repellent. LiquidGlass is designed for use by trained technicians only. It must be used in well ventilated areas, using gloves and respiratory protection against vapors. For high volume pricing please contacting Cytonix.

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