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Hydrophobic and oleophobic coatings for metal mesh and screens that will not occlude pores that retains air and sound permeability.
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FluoroPel 600 FluoroPel 600

FluoroPel 600 series is a fluoroacrylic copolymer solution in a safe and non-flammable fluorosolvent (BP=60°C) for coating membranes, glass, plastic and metal surfaces. Thin films dry in a few minutes at room temperature to a surface energy of about 10 dynes/cm. Warming to 90°C for 10 minutes optimizes adhesion and reduces the surface energy to about 8 dynes/cm. PFC600 series solutions are recommended for dip or spin application. On membranes, mesh and filters, FluoroPel does not occlude pores and helps achieve oleophobicity grades up to 8. FluoroPel co-polymers with Alkoxy Furfural (AFA) functionality improves adhesion to plastics such as vinyl and polycarbonate. Trimethoxy Silane (FS) functionality improves adhesion to glass, ceramic and metal. Epoxy, TFH, Lauryl and Isobornyl functionality improves adhesion to many substrates. Formulations with fluorescent tracers are also available. Please contact Cytonix for custom formulations or help with product selection.


Our Price: $49.00
FluoroSyl 880 FluoroSyl 880

FluoroSyl 880 is a perfluoropolyether coating with good durability, lubricity and abrasion resistance. On glass the coating provides good anti-reflective and oleophobic properties. 880 is recommended for glass and metal surfaces for fingerprint resistance, stain repellency and reduced ice adhesion. 880 on mesh and filters forms an excellent anti-fouling agent.

Our Price: $29.00