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FluorAcryl 6298
FluorAcryl 6298
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FluorAcryl™ 6298 is a hydrophobic, oleophobic perfluoropolyether poly-acrylate functional oligomer with excellent resistance to solvents, oils, stains and abrasion. Applications for 6298 include touch screens, electronic devices and micro-fluidic electrowetting devices. Substrates for 6298 include plastic, metal, glass and ceramic. 6298 can be applied by dip, spray, jet, roll, draw or screen print methods after dilution. When smooth and well-cured, contact angles to mineral oil of greater than 65° and roll-off angles of less than 3° can be achieved. 6298 is stain resistance to tea, coffee, water and iodine tincture (ISO 4211 5 = no stain). Magic marker stains beads up and is removed by an alcohol wipe.

- IPA, MEK resistance: >500 cotton rubs
- Pencil mar at 25 grams: >2H
- Refractive Index: ~1.32

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