About Cytonix

Cytonix was founded in 1985 and is located in Maryland, USA. Cytonix manufactures many superhydrophobic, hydrophobic and oleophobic coatings and coating-additives used in life-sciences, electronics, aerospace and communications industries.

Current Cytonix products include:
  • Hydrophobic conformal coatings for circuit boards
  • Oleophobic coatings for membranes, filters, mesh & other venting devices
  • Water, oil & fingerprint repellent coatings for glass, plastic, stone & metal
  • Omniphobic microfluidic device coatings
  • DNA, protein & biofluids repellents for plastic pipette tips & tubes
  • Superhydrophobic, ice & snow repellent coatings for radomes & satellite systems
  • Hydrophobic, rain repellent coatings for 5G networks
  • Superhydrophobic & solvent resistant inks & masks for diagnostic microscopy
  • Hydrophobic coatings for electro-wetting devices
  • Fingerprint & stain repellent additives for UV curable coatings & photoresists
  • Hydrophobic, oleophobic & anti-fouling UV curable coatings for metal & plastic
  • Chamber slides for cell motility analysis & CASA

In The News

February 2019

Oleophobic coatings for membranes and fine mesh are used to create venting devices. In the past, oleophobicity grade 8, the highest grade and most oil repellency was achieved with long chain perfluoroalkyl fluorocarbons with greater or equal to C8 chains. Due to environmental concerns these chemicals and their breakdown products (PFOA and PFOS) can no longer be used. This has limited the ability to achieve oleophobicity Grade 8. However, Cytonix has recently synthesized a unique coating, FluoroPel Membrane 8, that provides oleophobicity grade 8, and contains no PFOA or PFOS.

November 2018

5G cellular networks are expected to operate on millimeter wavelength (mmWave) frequencies (typically over 28 GHz) to offer broader bandwidths and higher data rates. The use of high frequencies result in strong propagation impairments due to rain. Rain attenuation appears to be dependent on frequency, rain-drop size and water-film formation on receivers. Hydrophobic and superhydrophobic coatings can be used to reduce or eliminate rain fade on antenna and receivers. FluoroThane WT, TS and T2 are water-based, low VOC, superhydrophobic coatings offered by Cytonix to help 5G cellular networks perform better in bad weather.

July 2017

Cytonix introduced FluorAcryl 7298, an oleophobic, anti-fouling and magic marker repellent additive for UV-curable coatings and photo resists. This additive at 2% makes most acrylate UV curable resins oil, water and stain repellent. With 7298 contact angles for water >100° and for oil > 75° can be expected.