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The FluoroSyl family of coatings provide anti-fingerprint, anti-smudge and anti-fouling properties to glass, metal and many other materials. Coated surfaces have a low coefficient of friction and lubricious slippery feel. FluoroSyl provides an extremely durable abrasion resistant coating that is optically transparent with a low refractive index.

Major Applications for FluoroSyl Include:
- Anti-fingerprint properties for cell phones and touch screens
- Oil and smudge resistance for transparent components such as optical filters, ophthalmic lenses, camera lenses and glass
- Anti-fouling coatings for metal mesh
- Anti-graffiti surface treatment for glass

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FluoroSyl 880 FluoroSyl 880

FluoroSyl 880 is a perfluoropolyether coating with good durability, lubricity and abrasion resistance. On glass the coating provides good anti-reflective and oleophobic properties. 880 is recommended for glass and metal surfaces for fingerprint resistance, stain repellency and reduced ice adhesion. 880 on mesh and filters forms an excellent anti-fouling agent.

Our Price: $29.00
FluoroSyl 3750 FluoroSyl 3750

FluoroSyl 3750 is a perfluoropolyether glass coating with exceptional durability, lubricity and abrasion resistance. On glass surfaces the coating provides excellent anti-reflective, hydrophobic and oleophobic properties. FluoroSyl is recommended for touch screens for fingerprint resistance. FluoroSyl is excellent on other substrates such as ceramic, cellulose and oxidized-metals. FluoroSyl is also very good on some plasma cleaned metal, plastic and silicone substrates. Samples are for industrial and research use only. And not for household use.

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Our Price: $49.00