....a pioneer in hydrophobic, oleophobic and superhydrophobic nano technology since 1984.

FluorAcryl™ 6298 is a new, patented hex-functional perfluoropolyether (PFPE) oligomer with exceptional hardness, toughness, heat and chemical resistance, transparency, refractive index, lubricity and hydrophobic/oleophobic properties. Films and coatings may be expected to provide long-lasting antifouling and easy cleaning from fingerprints and other contaminants on commercial and domestic surfaces. Compatible with many monomers, oligomers and solvents, the properties of 6298 can be modified to provide increased processability, hardness, abrasion resistance, elasticity and/or adhesion to to metals, glass and plastics.  Films can be UV or heat cured.



FluorAcryl™ M6298 is a patented new, transparent, superhydrophobic and oleophobic coating.  Using the 6298 resin and novel, fluorinated nanoparticles, the invisible films have ≥160° contact angle to water and repellancy to a broad range of non-aqueous liquids, including mineral oil.  The coating is moderately touch resistant.



FluorAcryl™ 3298 is a new, patented tri-functional perfluorohexyl monomer with excellent hardness, heat and chemical resistance, transparency, refractive index and low surface energy.




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