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FluorAcryl™ 6298

Newly developed hydrophobic, oleophobic perfluoropolyether hex-acrylate functional oligomer with excellent resistance to solvents, oils, stains and abrasion.

• Applications:  touch screens, electronic devices, cell phones, appliances

• Substrates: wood, plastic, metal, glass, ceramic

• Methods of application (with dilution): dip, spray, jet, roll, draw, screen print,

• Contact angles to water: 110° (air cure), 115° (nitrogen cure)

• Contact angle to mineral oil:   65° (air cure), 70° (nitrogen cure)

• Roll-off angle to mineral oil:   2° (air cure), 1° (nitrogen cure)

• Stain Resistance: tea 5, coffee 5, water 5, iodine tincture 5 (ISO 4211 5 = no stain)

• Magic Marker:  beads up, 100% removed by single alcohol wipe

• IPA, MEK, Naptha resistance: >1000 cotton rubs

• Pencil mar at 25 grams: >6H (no mark)

• Pencil gouge at 750 grams force: >6H (faint mark)

• Opacity after 100 rubs 0000 steel wool at 100 g/cm2 pressure: 99%

Samples - Cytonix provides free samples nationally and internationally, where recipients cover the cost of transportation.

Environmental - PFOA and PFOS are not used in the manufacture of Cytonix products. FluorAcryl, FluoroPel, FluoroSyl, Fluorothane and FluorN are manufactured using telomer and perfluoropolyether chemistry. All Cytonix products are TSCA, RoHS, REACH & WEEE compliant.

Trademarks & Patents - FluorAcryl, FluoroPel, Fluorothane, FluoroSyl and FluoroTAC are trademarks of Cytonix (1998-2010)   Patents are issued or pending for the formulations listed on this page.


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