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FluoroSyl Oleophobic Anti-fingerprint Coatings

Anti fingerprint and anti smudge coatings
-- Fingerprints
-- Dirt
-- Oil
-- Abrasion

-- Water contact angle > 110°
-- Oil contact angle > 60°
-- Transparent
-- Low coefficient of friction
-- High finger lubricity

Major Properties of FluoroSyl Coatings

-- FluoroSyl provides an anti-fingerprint, anti-smudge, anti-fouling surface for glass, metals and oxide surfaces
-- FluoroSyl oleophobic properties repels dirt and oils and makes the surface easier to clean
-- FluoroSyl creates a low coefficient of friction, lubricious surface with good slip feel
-- FluoroSyl provides a low surface tension hydrophobic coating
-- FluoroSyl bonds to oxide surfaces such as glass and metals, chemically modifying the surface
-- FluoroSyl covalent bonding provides an extremely durability abrasion resistant coating
-- FluoroSyl is optically transparent and has a low refractive index

Major Applications for FluoroSyl Coatings

-- Anti-fingerprint benefits for cell phones and touch screens, touch sensors, MP3 players, LCD and plasma displays
-- Dirt free, transparent optical components such as antireflective films, optical filters, ophthalmic lenses, camera lenses, and glass
-- Antifouling coatings for jewelry, faucets, and kitchen appliances
-- Oil and water resistant, easy cleaning benefits for many personal, automotive, household and industrial surfaces

Our experts are available to assist you with selecting the best FluoroSyl coating for your application. Please email (emailbox@cytonix.com) or call (301 470-6267) for assistance.
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FluoroSyl 660

FluoroSyl FSM-660 is a low molecular weight fluoroalkyl trimethoxysilane with good durability and abrasion resistance. On glass surfaces the coating provides good oleophobic properties. FSM-660 is recommended for glass and metal surfaces.  FSM-660 is also used as an adhesion promoter for fluorinated coatings on glass and metal.

Our Price: $99.00
FluoroSyl 2500

FluoroSyl FSD-2500 is a high molecular weight perfluoropolyether silane with good durability, lubricity and abrasion resistance. On glass surfaces the coating provides good anti-reflective and oleophobic properties. FSD-2500 is recommended for glass and metal surfaces for fingerprint resistance.   FSD-2500 on mesh and filters forms an excellent anti-fouling agent.

Our Price: $200.00
FluoroSyl 3750

FluoroSyl FSM-3750 is a high molecular weight perfluoropolyether trimethoxysilane with exceptional durability, lubricity and abrasion resistance.  On glass surfaces the coating provides excellent anti-reflective, hydrophobic and oleophobic properties. FSM-3750 is recommended for touch screens and other appliances for fingerprint resistance. FluoroSyl FSM-3750 is also excellent on other hydroxyl group rich substrates such as ceramic, cellulose and oxidized-metals.

Our Price: $300.00